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Would you like to meet us?


Our home is in Dimmuborgir and we love to welcome guests in the Hallarflöt or our cave! 

The most fun about all our guest-greetings is dancing with them around the "Christmas tree" or take pictures with guests in the High Seat. We have become exceptionally good in taking selfies!  

Hallarflöt í Dimmuborgum

The great Hallarflöt and our High Seat! 

You can find us here! 

Árlega jólabaðið


We believe everyone should be clean and today for each Christmas and we of course bath in our big bath in the Myvatn Nature Baths. But we strongly think one time per year is more than enough so we always host a large bath-party with all our friends!

You should come and see how "well" it usually goes and how cooperative most of the brothers are getting in!

The annual Christmas Bath is always a lot of fun! 


We also love to travel so we can come and see you at your event as well! We love Jólaböll (Christmas dances) and Jólahlaðborðin (Christmas buffets) and especially the places where we can sing and dance. But the best of all is where we can also get something to eat! 

We recommend sending us a message here, on our email addresses below and Facebook also works. We have very good assistants that will make sure your request is answered! 

Stúfur borðar skötu

Rotten Skate is Stúfur's favorite food so he was very pleased when he got invited to a Skate-party in Kaffiborgir (our neighbors!). 

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